Letty's Jukebox

Letty’s Jukebox: Dreams Part 1

Start the year out fine by dreaming!  Plan what you want to do in the 12 months ahead. Take the dance lessons you’ve never tried before,  save money for your vacation destination, fall in love, or pursue the life you’ve been dreaming.

  1. Annette Funicello – “It Took Dreams”

Imagine the wonderful things you can accomplish in 2015. Funicello’s surreal voice and soda shop music transcend the senses. The tune is from the Mouseketeer’s first solo album. It was released in 1959. It says crazy dreamers turn thoughts into reality, so “dream away.”

  1. Dion – “Life is but a Dream”

The singer’s vocals slow dance with the music. The lyrics are reminiscent of a love poem. Words that dissolve into the mind and sparkle in your heart. Listen to it as you look at the poster of your teen heartthrob.

  1. The Chordettes – “Mr. Sandman”

Looking for a dreamboat? Ask Mr. Sandman for one who fits your desired qualifications. Or, agree with the characteristics requested by The Chordettes. The female quartet sings this chimerical song to help you wish for a wonderful person.

  1. Doris Day – “Daydreaming”

Andre Previn’s jazz piano, the strings, and Day’s voice create a relaxing sound. Previn’s trio and Day recorded the song for their 1962 album Duet. Next time you want to stay at home and make wishes say, “Please don’t mine if I just sigh and stay, stay dreaming, daydreaming.”

  1. Doris Day – “Dream A Little Dream of Me”

Although first blasting from the speakers in the 1930s, the most familiar version is sung by Mama Cass from The Mamas & the Papas. “Dream a Little Dream of Me” has been recorded by various artists throughout the decades. Day recorded the single in 1957 for her album Day by Night. The piano introduces Day’s voice in what sounds as a Jazz club setting. Image her on the stage, dimmed lights, all quiet except for the music and her singing.

  1. The Beatles – “Like Dreamers Do”

One of the first songs credited to Lennon-McCartney, “Like Dreamers Do,” has the late ‘50s sound of the Quarrymen. It was recorded in 1962 before Ringo Starr joined the group. He, Lennon, McCartney, and George Harrison later formed The Beatles. The band had not made its United States debut until 1964.

  1. Bobby Darin – “Dream Lover”

Swing and snap your fingers to this rockin’ song. Bobby Darin wrote it in 1959. The background vocals, the emphasized lyrics with pauses, and the chords make you dance. If Darin is your dream boy then you’re a dream lover. And you don’t have to dream alone.

  1. Bobby Rydell – “Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams”

When problems cannot be solved, Rydell sings of imagining them gone. This 1931 anthem has been recorded by many artists including Frank Sinatra. Its message has been clear since then. Unpleasant situations are bound to happen, so balance them out with happy thoughts.

  1. The Everly Brothers – “All I Have to Do is Dream”

The sibling duo create the voice of an angel. The unison vocals are accompanied with the boys’ guitars. The song is for the moment you want to be with someone. Whether it’s your crush, or favorite celebrity, this song will help you imagine them with your eyes closed.

  1. The Wizard of Oz – “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Judy Garland was asked to sing this song years after The Wizard of Oz appeared in theaters. Sing along to this classic musical number. Waking up where the clouds are far and “where troubles melt like lemon drops” is a magical place.

Like the playlist? Have other songs in mind? Share your thoughts below.


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