Letty's Jukebox

Letty’s Jukebox: Gidget


It wouldn’t be a complete 50th anniversary of the 1960s TV series Gidget without the playlist. These are surf rock melodies with lyrics of summer love and the surfer girl with a spunky personality. Below is the theme song from the show as well as some sung by Moondoggie in the films.


1. Johnny Tillotson – “(Wait ’til You See) My Gidget”

“When you’re in doubt about angels being real, I can arrange and change any doubt you feel…” Come on, you know the words, so sing along.


2. James Darren – “Gidget”

The tanned and handsome Moondoggie sang this song to Gidget after he saved her from drowning. It is the turning point in the film when he realized he fell in love with her.


3. James Darren – “Gidget Goes Hawaiian”

The Hawaiian instruments play as Moondoggie sings about Gidget having the guys all “goo goo eyed” and the other girls jealous. Despite her stir in the island she is still Moondoggie’s girl.


4. James Darren – “Wild About That Girl”

This has sounds of a quartet while Darren sings about he and the surfer girl’s mutual craziness for each other. The song was featured in the 1961 film, Gidget Goes Hawaiian.


5. The Beach Boys – “Surfer Girl”

This 1963 single has no connection to Gidget. It has, however, been rumored to be written about Beach Boy Brian Wilson’s girlfriend at the time, Judy Bowles. The tune was inspired by Dion and the Belmont’s “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

Which is your favorite song from the playlist? Comment below.


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