Pop Culture

Thanksgiving Feast With Hollywood Stars

Thanksgiving is just around the corner for Americans who will celebrate the holiday on the fourth Thursday of November. Before you gobble down the big dinner, feast your eyes on these images of some ’50s and ’60s stars. Here are 10 Thanksgiving photos from some of the mid-century’s TV and movie icons. Maybe you’ll find inspiration for your pilgrim costume or just get a laugh by seeing stars being goofy around turkeys.


Marilyn Monroe encounters a turkey or vice versa? Image credit: dailymail.co.uk


Barbara Bates dressing a turkey. Image credit: flickr


Debbie Reynolds proves she can cook a turkey. Image credit: classicmoviehub


Esther Williams hunting her dinner. Image credit: moviemorlocks


Doris Day singing to a turkey? Image credit: tumblr


Audrey Hepburn feeds some turkeys. Image credit: rareaudreyhepburn


Lucy Marlow takes a turkey for a walk. Image credit: pinterest


Sally Field as Gidget prefers to eat the pie than the bird. Image credit: thatgidgetismine


Jack Lemmon and Cynthia Stone. Image credit: moviemorlocks


Marlo Thomas as Ann Marie in That Girl. Image credit: pinterest

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